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Rejoice, hard-working people, because the weekend is finally upon us. That's right, it's Friday, which means it's time for another top 10. Let's take a moment to welcome all the awesome new Creators who have joined the platform this past week and thank them for their interesting and creative content. Without further ado, here are this week's best of the best: our fantastic top 10 new Creators.

1. Star Wars: The GIF Awakens BY Uçman Balaban

Star Wars fans will be overjoyed to hear that the hype surrounding their beloved franchise is (and won't) be dying down anytime soon. Incoming: more fantastic Star Wars content. New Creator and motion graphics artist Uçman Balaban has created 15 animated gifs that'll rock your socks off for sure. Be sure to check out his article and don't forget to show Uçman some love in the comments.

2. Depictions of Women are Changing (Thanks to Shows Like Jessica Jones) BY David McCauley Kirby

The depiction of woman in entertainment is a controversial topic. Actresses refer to it in their award speeches, others choose to address the issue on social media, and it seems to be having an effect. I myself was surprised to read that 47% of all comic book fans are female. So why isn't this reflected in the amount of badass female characters we see on the big, as well as the small screen? Creator David McCauley Kriby takes a look a the issue in his article so be sure to check that out!

3. Alan Rickman's Top Ten Movies Show Exactly Why He Will Be Remembered As A Legendary Actor BY Micah Thompson

About two weeks ago the world lost a fantastic actor. His portrayal as Professor Severus Snape will forever be remembered by my generation, he was the villain you loved to hate, yet couldn't help but love. Alan Rickman's career was, of course, so much more than that. This is why Creator Micah Thompson takes a look at the great roles this film icon has taken on over those past 38 years that he's been gracing our screens with his humor, presence and that familiar voice.

4. DC's Heroes and Villains Have A Clear Message For Marvel In This Crazy Artwork! BY Luis AC

Pew pew, shots fired. [Insert "oh no, he di-int" gif] That's right, new Creator Luis AC is everything but afraid to take sides. I think I might even be Team DC myself so I can't even argue. Whether you're Team DC or Team Marvel, we should all be able to appreciate Luis' incredible art, just like Batfleck and Henry Cavill have done. Just kidding, those images have been photoshopped, don't freak out guys!

5. DJANGO: IF ANIMATED BY Seung Hyeok Bacon Kwon

Has Django Unchained every made you go "wait a minute, this all feels very Disney to me"? Me neither, until I came across Seung Hyeok Bacon Kwon's post. An unhappy hero, a wise old man, a woman in distress and an evil man - I'm starting to see his point. Having trouble envisioning this? Not a problem because Seung Hyeok has the illustrations to prove that Django Unchained and Disney are a match made in heaven. This is an animated movie i'd definitely want to see.

6. SFX Masks, Effects and Tutorials BY Ludvík Lanz

Before I encourage you to check out this article, I feel I must warn you. If you can't handle blood, guts and all that other horror goodness then I'd ship this one. That said, you definitely SHOULD check out this fantastic post by Creator Ludvík Lanz. Why, you ask? For the exact reasons I just mentioned, and because Ludvík's horror make-up effects are the BOMB. For all things latex limbs, exposed brains and serial killer marks that will keep you awake at night, check out her article.

7. Ash vs Evil Dead Posters BY Hexagonall

Most of you probably know what Ash vs Evil Dead is, and if you haven't then you are more than welcome. Horror fans, rejoice, because new Creator Hexagonall is here to present you with some badass posters. From Ash to Pablo, and from Kelly to Amanda, no character on this fantastic show has been forgotten. The show's officially been renewed for a second season so let's hope we'll be seeing more amazing posters from this new Creator. Be sure to check out these pieces!

8. Oscar Bait 2016 BY Needle

The Oscars are a mere month away and I for one am curious to see who the big winners will be. Will Leo win that long-awaited Oscar or will be go home empty-handed. UK based artist Matt Needle has created a series of fantastic posters to celebrate some of the ah-mazing movies that were released over the past couple of months. From Ex Machina to Room (a personal favorite of mine), his pieces are a gorgeous tribute to some of the movies that have shaped the past year in film.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist & The Presentation of the Limits of Human Knowledge BY Boo Radely

My knowledge of anime may be very limited, nonetheless I was very intrigued by the title of this article. I feel like there's no way I'll find the right words to describe what Boo Radley's article is about, which is why I will now hand you over to Boo . "The limits of human knowledge is a debate that doesn’t limit itself simply to literature and other forms of media, but also to real life debates. For Fullmetal Alchemist this is what allows it to stand above shows when it comes to the themes that are tackled, and this show does a brilliant job of exploring this idea."


Warning: these FANTASTIC pieces by new Creator Hal Hefner are probably the coolest thing you'll see all day. If you can't handle that level of awesomeness then I suggest you refrain from clicking on his article. From Bieber to Kanye West, and from the British Royals to the Kardashian clan, all these celebrities (and more) have been lucky enough to receive Hefner's badass CONSUME makeover. Be sure to check out his article and to show hime some well-deserved el oh vee ee.

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