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We already know that 'The Elder Scrolls 6' is definitely getting published. With 'Fallout 4' getting released more than 2 months before it, is certain Bethesda will focus on making next TES game better than any of their previous games.

Unfortunately, gamers and fans of RPGs and the Elder Scrolls series will have to wait until 2019. The reason is quite obvious. Dishonored 2 is still waiting for its release this spring and the Elder Scrolls Online will be getting new DLCs (such as 'Thieves Guild' and 'Dark Brotherhood'). Also, Fallout 4 will be getting a DLC as well!

As a matter of fact, Pete Hines (Bethesda's VP of marketing) dropped some very interesting info on this subject in an interview with the Telegraph. Besides confirmation that TES 6 is in the works, and also commented on the Skyrim 2 thing that has been going around the internet among TES fans for quite some time:

It’s rare to have franchises like the ones we have and to have people joking about “when is Skyrim 2 coming out?” The reason they say that is because generally speaking that’s what you’d be getting with another publisher in charge. They’d be spitting out a Skyrim 2 the year after or two years later. That’s just not how we view it. We’re not the sort of publisher that focusses on 'what’s our 25 titles for 2015'.
Pete Hines
Pete Hines

Bearing that in mind, we could be sure Morrowind and Oblivion are off the mark, as well as the Hammerfell, since there is already a game called The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

Bethesda Softworks logo
Bethesda Softworks logo

We know Bethesda isn't likely to make a game that's like any other from their past, so it remains to be seen whether the rumors about next Elder Scrolls game being situated in Valenwood or Elsweyr will be a lucky guess or not.

Personally, I dislike the idea of having a sequel of Skyrim. I'd rather enjoy another part of Tamriel that we haven't had the pleasure to experience in previous games.

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