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Karly Rayner

It's easy to see celeb lifestyles as a constant stream of champagne, porches and stylists, but the fascinatingly mundane snaps below show that the stars are closer to earth than many of us think.

From picking up dog poop and sweating it out in dank gyms to devouring fast food on the go, the following snaps show a human side to celebrity.

Amanda Seyfried Picks Up Dog Poop

Seyfried might be a move star, but she's not above picking up her dog poop like a good citizen.

Alec Baldwin Buys a Drying Rack

Because even Baldwin's need to dry their socks.

Arnie in an Ohio Walmart

Arnie is man enough for Walmart.

Chloe Grace Moretz at In-N-Out Burger

Why have a chef when you can have a burger.

Bill Murray in Some Scabby Gym

Even Bill Murray's been forced to swat one off in a pretty dank gym at least once in his life.

Macauley Culkin Eats a Pizza

In this parody of an Andy Warhol video, Culkin shows us just how a former child star eats pizza.

Chris Prat Hoovers His Car

Chris V. crumbs.

Gerard Butler Snarfling Subway

Everybody hurries sometimes.

Beyoncé in Target

It's not quite Beyoncé at Burger King, but I'll take it.

Michael Cera Balances Cans

Cera does the can can.

Nick Cage in a Las Vegas Pet Store

What sort of pet do you think Cage would buy? Discuss


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