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Ryan Reynolds gives one of his best performances ever in this movie. Too bad it's so weird that nobody has seen it.

1. This is one of those uncategorizable films. It's sometimes called a black comedy, or a comedy horror, or a psychological thriller, or a crime thriller, or just plain weird. It's not for everyone, and it defies any attempts you make to pin it down.

2. The movie starts out as a strange comedy. Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a happy but lonely man with mental problems. These problems are manifested through his dog Bosco and his cat, Mr. Whiskers, who both talk to him and give him advice on life.

3. Jerry is desperate to make a human connection, and flirts with several coworkers. But when Jerry is on a date and hits a deer with his car, the carefully constructed walls of his reality start to crack.

When that happens, the humor drains out of the film like blood from a knife wound. Things that are funny at the beginning of the movie slowly become creepy.

4. The camera work is really interesting. It's all clean lines and bright colors... until it's not.

5. Ryan Reynolds gives an awesome performance in this movie. He is totally believable as the mentally unstable man that tries to keep himself together while also falling apart.

6. The movie gives a really interesting perspective on being psychotic, and the effects of medication.

7. The movie also hits some philosophical notes; characters have conversations about God, and whether people are naturally good or evil - or neither.

8. It's not a really gory film, and most of the violence takes place off screen, but there are plenty of splashes of red for those that like that sort of thing. What's actually worse than the physical violence is the psychological violence that some characters endure. The humor and the horror are all built around a core of existential despair.

9. This is a strange movie that, understandably, never found an audience. But for those that like to see the edges of reality presented in unusual ways, this is a great trip. Just remember, you'll be laughing at the beginning, but you won't be laughing at the end.

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