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Gravity Falls will soon come to an end, and with only 3 weeks left to go Disney have started rolling out the teaser trailers for us to dissect. There's a lot of quick-fire footage to disguise potential plot hints, but that didn't stop us slowing down the trailers and sifting through the footage anyway! And you might surprised at what we found.

But before we get to that, there's something we should address from the Weirdmageddon III synopsis...

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The idea that one major character would die before the end of season 2 has been foreshadowed for a while now. Months ago, Alex Hirsch hinted as much on his Twitter account...

Of course this could be alluding to the mayor of Gravity Falls, who died soon after this Tweet was published. But the clues started to stack up again that one of the Pines would die in the finale. Then this code from Weirdmageddon I implied that not all the Pines would make out out of the Oddpocalypse alive.

Gravity Falls S02E19 title card.
Gravity Falls S02E19 title card.

This hint could be explained away: after all, Bill Cipher loves to make threats and we know that as Dipper and Mabel "make up, team up, and save the world", Bill's time is soon up. But Disney just released a new synopsis of S02E20 which adds new weight to the implications that one of the Pines family will die...

Ford discovers Bill’s true motives and then a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family’s ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.

Ultimate fate? Greatest sacrifice? Oh man, this doesn't look good. We've already counted out who's most likely to die in Weirdmageddon III, and the new trailer doesn't make it totally clear but one character definitely stands out as the most likely to die...

There's a lot of hints buried in this quick-fire footage, along with a bunch of shots from earlier on in season 2. It's difficult to work out what's going on, but after being frozen in gold for two episodes, it looks like Ford is about to make an epic re-entrance... but will he die before the episode ends?

Smart Money's On Stanford

There are a few reasons why we think Stanford is the most likely to kick the proverbial bucket.

Stanford's gone up in the, uh, galaxy.
Stanford's gone up in the, uh, galaxy.

First up: this image. Is that Ford in the middle of the galaxy? The teasers certainly hint at some weird kind of power-swap thing going on between Ford and Bill. Is Stanford taking Bill's powers as a result of their battle? Has he made another deal with Bill and betrayed his family? With all the weirdness going on in Gravity Falls, literally anything is possible, and this huge rise to power is bound to lead to a fall.

But we've also got Bill rising ominously above the Earth... are these characters going to do battle in the stars?

Does this remind anyone else of Neon Genesis?
Does this remind anyone else of Neon Genesis?

If this proves nothing else, it's that the Gravity Falls finale is going to boldly go where few childrens' TV shows have gone before. We've got one (and now maybe two) immensely powerful beings, and it looks like the battle to save the universe is going to be epic on a whole new scale. All of this really seems to imply that Stanford will die, if he's the one to finally battle Bill.

Considering Ford was only introduced in the latter half of season 2, he might be the perfect candidate to kill off, as his death would pack a punch but wouldn't be too heartbreaking. A heroic sacrifice would also be a fitting end to his showdown with Bill, as he sacrifices his life for his family.

Or, all of this is a red herring. Which is possible, considering this other teaser trailer...

Gotta say, I'm feeling a little attacked right now.


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