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Character idea: a Superhero that's not that super,.......unless he's wasted.

height: 6'1'' weight: 250lbs. description: black hair brown eyes, long black beard broad chest and strong back from a life of working labor jobs, and moving heavy objects. his hair style is short, something that doesn't require a lot of up keep. his clothes appear to be, and are hand me down items from other stoners. in short a disheveled mess of a man.

Born Blake Owens in 1986 he was a young man with dreams of being a doctor, a young man who came to be an adult by the usual means. Including but not limited to embarrassing situations, one of witch involving tooth paste, masturbation, and a trip to the hospital where his best friends mom, and town gossip, worked as an E.R. nurse. After having to explain his situation to some one he knew for certain would tell every one he knew, and some people he didn't, Blake was embarrassed to the point of dropping out of high school. he fell into a slight depression after realizing he would never get in to med school, having been a high school drop out, and the thought of only being able to be a chiropractor made him sick to his stomach. he took job after meaningless low paying job only to have his depression grow to an uncontrollable downward spiral into the darkness of his own mind after his long term girlfriend and love of his life is forced to move on to a more suitable mate, because of her own financial needs. Blake opened his first bottle of whiskey in 2005, and to this day continues to drown himself daily with it, to the point of memory loss, loss of time and as a side effect urinating himself in his sleep almost nightly.

as Owens is perpetually recovering from the night before of drinking and casual drug use, and preparing for the night ahead of the same, He is always in a state of altered mentality a relies on his two life long bffs, to do most of his speaking including going to job interviews for him and speaking on the phone for him as Blake does not speak much, and would be hard to understand if he did so.

When asked what his worst regret in life was Owens smiled and his only response was " Having continued to live one after my heart stopped beating."

Often saying he "would commit suicide if he wouldn't go to hell" Blake never attempted it, and because of this theological belief, most of the shrinks he spoke to, wouldn't prescribe him anti-depressants, because he wasn't a danger to himself or others. Owens began to self medicate with just about what ever he could get his hands on. alcohol to numb his pain, cocaine to wake up n shake the booze, more booze to take the edge off from the coke and mass quantities of marijuana to battle his nausea, and keep the "bad" thoughts at bay, witch were mostly memories of times gone by or thought of what his life could have been if only he hadn't done this or that.


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