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None of the members of the Suicide Squad are particularly famous outside of comic book circles. Katana has featured on Arrow, and Harley Quinn has made a few animated appearances, but in big-screen, live-action terms, this project is something new. It's a big risk for DC.

Except, ever since that first trailer, it hasn't felt like a risk at all. It's felt like a surefire box office smash, and it's all thanks to a pig-tailed, dip-dyed, platinum blonde troublemaker.

In 2017, DC will release Wonder Woman. It's a big deal, not just because she's one of the most iconic superheroes, but also because it'll mark the first solo female superhero movie since the dark days of Catwoman and Elektra.

No disrespect to Catwoman - it's definitely my favorite-ever movie in the 'woman killed by evil cosmetics company murderess and brought back to life as an absurdly camp cat' genre - but Wonder Woman is a chance to right those wrongs.

It seems unlikely DC will screw it up and, if they do get it right, the studios will be literally throwing coins in the faces of every director who pitches a female superhero adventure...

Which could be extremely good news for Harley Quinn, and for us.

So how could a Harley Quinn solo film actually play out?

Quinn was only created in 1993, making her DC Comics debut in The Batman Adventures #12. Her origin story focuses on her time as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where she studies an inmate who just happens to be the Clown Prince of Crime...

Despite her attempt to make herself immune to the Joker's manipulation, he spins a backstory so tragic that Harley can't help but fall for him. You can see how it goes down in the animated series The New Batman Adventures:

Honestly though, it's kind of a weak backstory. She's too susceptible to the Joker's trickery. In Suicide Squad #7 from DC's New 52 comic series, Harley is given a new origin story, the same one used in Suicide Squad the movie: the Joker pushes her into, then rescues her from, a vat of acid.

The problem is that we'll already have seen her origins play out on screen - so if DC ever do decide to make a Harley Quinn solo film, what's left for the Joker's on-off girlfriend to do?

Quite a lot, actually, and one adventure in particular would be a real riot...

The New Misadventures of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Alright, so technically it wouldn't be a solo movie, but a superhero team-up movie is a refreshing prospect in these times of Batman vs Superman and Iron Man going to war with Captain America.

Harley's relationship with Poison Ivy (who, coincidentally, is one of the best villains in Batman's vast rogues gallery, and well overdue another big-screen outing) has been subject to much speculation: are they platonic girlfriends or lovers?

Although never confirmed either way in the comics, their interactions have often contained a certain degree of innuendo...

Yes, that's a beaver pun. I mean, she did have an actual pet beaver, but let's not beat around the bush here. No pun intended...

Regardless of whether you choose to believe there's a sexual element to their friendship, Harley and Ivy taking on the world would simply be one of the most badass, most downright fun movies DC could possibly make, and it would be a super-refreshing tonic to the inevitable darkness of the Justice League.

And who knows? If DC wanted to get fans really hot under the collar, they could throw Catwoman into the mix, and make The New Misadventures an epic team-up in the spirit of Charlie's Angels.

There's a lot you can do with an anti-hero like Harley, and it doesn't have to involve the Joker. Hell, it's 2016! It doesn't have to involve any man at all.

The future is bright. The future is pink and blue.


Which Harley Quinn movie would you part with your cash to see?


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