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While CW's Arrow made a hugely successful return last week with its midseason premiere, there was yet another funeral tease that we need to discuss.

Yeah, that scene immediately took Felicity off of the list of people that could be in the grave, and while I have some ideas about that, speculation is for a different post. This one is about the relationship that has divided fans for years now, the one between Oliver and Felicity. Now, before we dig into the future of Olicity, it seems prudent to take a zoom through their past.

They Met As Boss And Employee!

Before She Joined Him On His Crusade!

Which Led To Him Loving Her!

Which Led To A Romance!

And Happiness!

Before Disaster Struck!

But That Won't Stop Love!

Or Will It?

You see, in the above picture, and the first video in the article, Felicity not only acts a little cold towards Oliver, she also isn't wearing her wedding ring. Now this seemed like it could be for a number of reasons, until Stephen Amell came out over the weekend at the Heroes and Villains Fanfest in New Jersey and said that:

"The fact is, Felicity is not wearing her ring in that flash forward scene, and that was not a mistake."

"Spoiler alert, I probably mess it up."

Now, with these two so in love right now, how is it possible that in just a few episodes everything will fall apart? Well, the big surprise is that we've already seen exactly how that could happen!

"How can I be with someone who doesn't trust me?"

Felicity isn't going to change her opinion on how she feels about Oliver keeping secrets from her. The only reason they are still together is that Barry had to go back in time and erase this conversation after Vandal Savage killed everyone else in a battle. In the new timeline, Oliver kept the secret from Felicity, and continues to. We've not seen his son again since, but this will come back to haunt Oliver, according to showrunner Wendy Mericle:

“It’s definitely going to come to a head in the middle of the season.”

“I can't tell you exactly how that's going to happen. But...obviously for the arc of Oliver and Felicity's relationship this season, the fact that he's keeping this from her — true to what we've done on the show, if there's a secret somewhere, it's going to come out and it's going to have some serious consequences.”

“We're really excited about how that's going to change things and it's really going to raise the stakes and throw some wrenches into the works of their relationship — which so far this season has been pretty smooth sailing.”

“True to form, we're going to really mine that. There'll be some fallout for both of them.”

Which sounds pretty serious. It seems likely that the funeral scene will be a couple of episodes from the end of the season, and it is possible that if they break up before a major death then said death could bring them back together. Whatever happens, the end of Olicity could be approaching, and that would greatly change the dynamic of the show forever.

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