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There is not one comic book fan that does not already know about Suicide Squad. It is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, however what does the movie have in stall for us?

As a comic book fan, I am expecting a lot of movies this year to live up to my expectations when it comes to the superhero genre, however I wonder what this film will bring as a movie of the super-villain genre...

The two trailers we have seen have been full of mystery and suspense, however I am concerned about the fact that this is all they are filled with. We have seen no plot points about the movie, which in some cases can be good for a trailer, but in this case all we are seeing are guns going bang and cars going boom. The trailers have done a wonderful portrayal at showing each character and their quirks, however are they favoring a few characters more than others?

Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, is all the rage when it comes to Suicide Squad as this is the first time this character is being portrayed on the big screen, but it appears as though she is a main focus. Don't get me wrong, having Harley Quinn appear in a movie is a dream come true for comic book fans, however we are here to see the 'squad' in Suicide Squad yet all the trailer can do is focus on Harley Quinn and The Joker. Speaking of the Joker, portrayed by Jared Leto, it appears as though they have shown too much of him already. Following in Heath Ledger's footsteps can be difficult and so it would have been fitting to leave Leto's version of the character as a mystery for moviegoers, however if they give him too much dialogue in the trailers then the audience will feel like they know what to expect from the character. The first trailer did an excellent job in portraying each character and giving them enough time screen as well as having a background song that sends chills up your spine. The second trailer, however, leaves little to the imagination and though the song chosen was indeed a wonderful, catchy song it takes away the serious tone of the movie. I'm not saying the movie can't be fun and enjoyable, but maybe make the second trailer more mysterious and don't add too many scenes that we haven't seen before.

If you are going to add new footage to a trailer, add some of the other characters and give them the shots that Harley Quinn had too many of! Why not see more Killer Croc, who is the biggest mystery besides the Joker when it comes to this film. Why not see more El Diablo, whom I have not seen for probably more than five clips in the entire of the two trailers! Why not see more Enchantress, who quite frankly is an unknown character to most of the viewers and it would be fitting to know who this character is if you do not already. And why not see more Katana, who has not said A SINGLE WORD in the entirety of the sneak peaks, trailers and what not when it comes to this film. Are we going to see them more in the movie, or will it only focus on the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang?! If so then this movie may not be what I expected when I saw the cast and characters.

If you are looking forward to this movie then I recommend you watch Batman: Assault On Arkham, which is an animated film based around the characters from Suicide Squad and is worth a watch. It has complex characters, an interesting plot development as well as everyone getting decent screen time, brilliant one liners, plot twists that will set your mind alight and a finale that will keep your heart racing well after it has finished. And guess what? The main focus is NOT Harley Quinn and The Joker. Shocker!

Give the audience something to look forward to, don't give them something to expect when they enter the movie theaters this August to see Suicide Squad! Good luck to this film, I hope it is everything I anticipate it to be and can hopefully be the start of a brand new brand of film making from DC.


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