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this is my point on the movie the shadow hunters. The bone city. Comparing to the tv series . To actually judge I did watch the first season epsiodes .

And hated it . One thing they missunderstood was the tv show was not all about teenagers in the movie their were main characters in the plot as well . The main character in the movie plot lost her mother from a shadow hunter that was meant to be her father and her mother never told her . From her mother having a warlock take away her memories everything a mythical kill happened from protecting her doughter when she was not 18

But when she turned 18. Her mom tried to tell her. Course every turning 18 year old teen wants to. Club and drink with a fake id. She runs into a shadow hunter male teenager, and olny she can see him.

Course she was with her friends at that time to them not to see the male shadow hunter . The shadow hunters have powers to pierce their own tattoos. With a burning light tool to keep people .. Humans from seeing mystical killing demon events .

But the least I like is how they describe the young lady teenagers from. The male teenagers. Dress wise in. The show. The girls are dressed to demons as if to look vonderable for some reason it didn't really make any sense in. The movie .

So likely she runs like she's in high heels and had her top cleavage bouncing and a loud panting as she runs

It was the most annoying thing I've ever had to watch .


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