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Did you know that there are real life superheroes out there that watch the streets and help anyone that is in need? This group of people called "The Real Life Superheroes" do exactly that as they patrol the streets with their own unique powers. Here are ten of the top real life superheroes. This is all from their webpage so go check the rest of them out!

1. Mr. Xtreme

Being bullied in school and experiencing a personal violent crime Mr. Xtreme set out to make a difference. He has been fighting crime for over ten years even saving a woman life from a crime. Forming his own "Xtreme Justice League", Mr. Xtreme and his group of superheroes will never stop fighting crime.

2. Ragensi

Referred as "The Paranormal Investigator", Ragensi was obsessed with the paranormal since an early age. People will come to him with tasks in which he performs for the common good of the population. Ragensi is trying to cure people of unseen pain which he believes is from an unseen force.

3. Thanatos

Known as "The Dark Avenger" this real life superhero isn't afraid of the dark. Thanatos hides away in the night delivering food and shelter to the homeless and in need. He acts as a helper to the outcasts as they tell him their life stories and problems. He is in a ongoing war against homelessness, drug abuse and apathy.

4. Nyx

Becoming a superhero at the age of 16, Nyx's main concern is the help of the homeless. Going out at night she makes sure that the homeless are well prepared for the cold, hunger, and harsh living of New York City. Nyx also is trying to set an example that woman can be superheros too.

5. Knight Owl

A first responder for military support and a firefighter; Knight Owl helps victims with trauma and life threatening injuries. Trained as EMT, Knight Owl teaches people on how to use these skills for others. Knight Owl will never stop helping the public.

6. Civitron

Civitron is a true hero in which he get's the community to help one another. Civitron patrols the streets, helps the homeless and sets up community projects to raise money for kids that need an education. He says the main thing to solve problems starts with your family.

7. Phantom Zero

Growing up from nothing; Phantom Zero protects the small areas of the city the police don't really patrol. This hero teaches wisdom to those who have experienced dark times and a dark past. He really brings light into people's lives.

8. Geist

Geist is a superhero that helps the homeless, non political charities, and assists the homeless. He makes sure that he is quick with his acts as not to stir up to much attention. He is the ghost of the night.

9. Soundwave and Jetstorm

These heroes are small but they both agree that if you can walk, that you can make a difference. A huge role model to children and adults alike these two superheroes help out at charities, blood drives and even visit people in the hospital. People should try to grow up to want to be like these two.

10. Death's Head Moth

A huge symbol for equality this masked crusader is the essence of greatness. He believes that there will always be a time to strike down evil and make a positive influence in this world. Death's Head Moth is fueled by justice. He visits children in the hospitals when they are sick, and even gives them gifts on the holidays. This superhero is also trained in the martial arts, so all you criminals out there, beware.


Every real life superhero has their own charity that they sponsor so go and help these guys out and become a superhero yourself.

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