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There are some leaked images of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that could reveal some surprising new things for the DC film.

So here are the new images and they look awesome!

Bruce without his mask and looking all broody.

The bracers actually block bullets! Yay for comic book stuff!

All the Waynes in one place

Alfred is tech savvy! This is something we don't see often and showcases one of his most defining traits as Batman's best supporting cast member.

Tell me...Do you bleed?

My face when this movie is coming out in less than two months.

But what captured my attention the most out of all these images is the picture below, where we have a shot of Bruce looking at a post-apocalyptic view of a city, and on the ground is something most comic book fans will recognize.

It's the Omega symbol for the God of Apokolips, Darkseid!

And this isn't the first time we've seen hints of Darkseid's presence in the film.

In the "Doomsday" trailer we see Parademons flying around while Batman is fighting off the "Soldiers of Superman" and in the CW special: Dawn of the Justice League, where we have a good shot of their face.

From trailer #2
From trailer #2
From CW special: Dawn of the Justice League
From CW special: Dawn of the Justice League

Many fans theorize Wonder Woman is responsible for this sequence as part of a vision of the future where Batman and Superman become enemies instead of forming the Justice League. Thus bringing this into a post-apocalyptic world without heroes.

But what about the small teaser we had of Superman ripping Batman's mask off? Where does that fit into all of this? Why are they still in conflict? Could Batman be the only hero left in this world to fight off Darkseid's evil?

It could be anything, but I believe that the scene we saw could be a nod to Action Comics #586. Where Superman becomes the Champion of Darkseid because of mind control shenanigans and wreaks havoc as one of Darkseid's Generals. Hence why we see "Superman's Soliders" in the trailers and even in the sneak peeks

Now, you're thinking "OMG there's so much to take in! How are they going to add such a big teaser in the movie?"

I honestly think this is a perfect way to do either of the two things to progress the story forward.

1. This could be a way to bring Batman's conflict with Superman to heightened levels where they will throw down in their "final" fight as adversaries.


2. This could be a way for Batman and Superman to stop fighting and allow this vision of the future to be a way for them to realize that there could be bigger threats and that they need to work together.

Either way, we won't know for sure until March 25th. We can only speculate.

Let me know what you think this means for the DC film universe in the comments below.


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