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I give my review of and general thoughts on the first season of the fantasy adventure drama that originally aired on BBC One, and eventually NBC and Syfy, Merlin! I was pretty surprised by how much I ended up enjoying the first season of this. I mean sure some of it can be pretty cheesy and the CGI effects for the dragon aren't very good, but the show does have a charm about it that really works. Not only that, but as I got later into the season I actually really loved the episodes and moments that focused on the bigger picture of things, as well as all the foreshadowing with the future and what ends up happening in this version of the legend. Colin Morgan and Bradley James do a good job as they end up sharing a friendly rivalry that really underneath it all is a strong friendship. Arthur (James) himself develops pretty well as he at first comes off like a arrogant self-entitled heir, but ends up showing a lot of honorable qualities. Merlin himself is pretty entertaining to have as our lead, and I can see how he'll continue to develop into something seriously interesting as his powers continue to grow. The current king, Uther is someone I have mixed feelings towards as I don't like the way he treats certain characters at time and his law against magic is unfair, but at the same time I have respect for how much he does show that he cares about his son and there are times when I can understand the more difficult choices he has to make as the king.

My favorite character by far though is Morgana played wonderfully by Katie McGrath. Her eventual descent into darkness and her visions are really interesting to watch, as well as the fact that she is also very bad ass and skilled physically when a sword is in her hand.

Overall although not all elements of it are the best, there are some episodes and character moments that I actually consider to be legitimately impressive and well done acting and writing wise. I look forward to watching more!






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