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Star Wars Rebels is back for the mid-season premiere! This time we get a familiar face from the franchise, Princess Leia makes her way to Lothal to meet up with the Ghost Group.

Kanon and Ezra decide to hide in Storm Trooper outfits and make their way to meet up with Leia. She has Kanon and Ezra steal the ships for her while she talks to the commander for the reason she came to the planet. The Empire has gravity locks to prevent the ships from being taken also putting walkers for extra protection.

They make their way back only to be met with more stormtroopers who have taken over the area. The Governor and Chopper have been caught and are being sent to be terminated. Kanon decides to talk to them in order to get them out of trouble. It works for only so long before it becomes to late to save them.

Just in time Hera shows up and engages the stormtroopers so the team can get out of the are. Zeb and Sabine take on the troopers and they all team up to have a plan to get out of the situation. They make it look like they are taking hostages and kidnap all of them so the trooper wouldn't suspect anything.

Leia confronts Ezra because she found out about his parents, she motivates him to have a reason to fight.

Making their way back to Leia's ship, they split up to take out the gravity lock and even the walkers so they can escape. Sabine takes the ship and get away but one of the walkers gets back up and begins to shoot at the ghost ship. Kanon takes on the walker with his lightsaber which takes it down very quickly and easily. He makes his way to the next one and Ezra uses the force to steal other trooper weapons.

Back up arrives and order the walkers to shoot the ships down. They take them out and Leia pretends that the Rebels are trying to steal their ships even having Ezra stun her to make it look convincing. The Governor decides to fight with the rebellion as the group leave with their new ships that will lead to the further development of the Rebellion we know of in the movies.

I am really enjoying the pacing of season 2 and the addition of Leia was actually very well down and even made it interesting seeing her actually being involved in the rebellion. We are seeing the rebellion get bigger and slowly become stronger as they are using new techniques to take on the Empire. This has been a great start to the second half of the season and I only have a feeling it will be getting better from here on out.


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