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A woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in postapocalyptic Australia in search for her home-land with the help of a group of female prisoners, a psychotic worshipper, and a drifter named Max. (IMDb)

Nominations: Best Picture, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing (George Miller), Film Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Production Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Visual Effects

So, to preface, I have never seen a Mad Max movie. And everyone was telling me that I have to watch this, I would love it so on and so forth. And I’ll be honest, in the first 15 minutes, I had no clue what I had gotten myself into. It was a little overwhelming. The types of movies that just throw you into a world with no explanation always throw me for a minute. But, what I will say is that once I’m in, I am sucked in 100%. And this I was sucked in 1000%. What is this society? Why is almost everyone from it sick? How did Furiosa become the only woman in power? Why is there a flame throwing guitar? Now, these are all questions that are still swirling around my brain, but in the moment, I could have cared less. I was simply along for the ride. The visuals are absolutely stunning (that sandstorm at the beginning. Holy hell.) The acting from the main characters is on point. (Charlize Theron is my queen.) The chase scene in the last half hour had me incredibly stressed out in the best way possible. The storyline was deeper than a typical action movie. I could honestly keep going. I would love to watch this again, now that I understand everything, and just dive in and go along for the ride.


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