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So far this season of The Flash has been amazing, and the new villain while evil, in a way he is very interesting due to how unpredictable he is. But anyway, on with the review.

As we see in the opening Barry is having nightmares about the Zoom killing Patty and later gives us a real relationship story, because so far previous episodes have just been giving us "banter relationship" and in this episode we learn that Patty wants something that feels real and makes Barry for the first time worry about his relationship, so this is very good building blocks to what dilemma we could see in the future.

I believe this is very good because so far it's been back and forth one liners, and now for the first time I believe I am starting to understand Patty more and how complex her character is about to become.

The turtle using his powers to rob a ring
The turtle using his powers to rob a ring

So this weeks villain is none other than the turtle, named by the great and amazing Cisco Ramon. Though I would like some of these villains to mentioned a little bit in previous episodes because finding out a new character this way seemed rushed.

Now this villain is really interesting, and I can see why they brought him in (To find ways to make Barry faster) Now the turtle can steal all of the surrounding energy which makes Barry's movement speed as slow as a.....Turtle. Now as for the villain himself, he was rather scary, but this is only shown right at the end, and I feel like when he kidnaps Patty and shows Patty his dead wife in a case is when the character development really kicks because it makes you fear for patty's life, and makes you realize that there are dire consequences for all actions taken.

Barry trying to save artwork from the museum
Barry trying to save artwork from the museum

So near the ending is what really annoyed me, Barry saves Patty (No, not that ahha) but the real the turtle kidnaps Patty is because of the "Way" he saves her, which comes off again as rushed and a little stupid. Now the Turtle is either really stupid or just damn right crazy, either way this just nothing as a viewer to make me like him more.

Joe finding out about Wally West's drag racing
Joe finding out about Wally West's drag racing

Now during this episode we are also welcomed to a very nice sub plot, which unlike the other times were the show has forced the west drama onto us, this time it seems to fit perfectly, with a perfect ending. So we find out WW has come to central city to drag race to save up money to save his mothers life and that in a way he resents Joe for not being his father, making us believe that WW's mother may have tolled him something different about Joe, or is Joe hiding something?

Now the best part of this episode is that we finaly got to know the reason behind Zoom's name "Zoom" Dr. Well tells Cisco..."

"About 2 years ago, this is on earth 2 now. The CCPD there, they got a 911 call about a hostage situation, but when the SWAT team got there, there were no hostages. It was a trap. Zoom set a trap In order to show the police that they could not stop him, and he killed 14 officers, men and women, slaughtered them, left one alive, to tell what happened, that office described blue light zooming all about as his friends were being killed, that officer thought he was the lucky one, spared to tell the tale, that was until zoom came to his house later that night and killed him too"

I have to admit this was a pretty bad ass line delivered by a bad ass character and I don't think anyone could have done it better, not even Dr. Wells earth one.

The last thing that was annoying me was earth flash 2 and Caitlin Snow, there romance has no buzz to it whatsoever, and now he wants his speed back after stating that he didn't want his speed back before.

Over all could have been a lot better if it didn't focus on Flash 2 and Caitlin Snow relationship at all spent that time focuing on trying to get his speed back instead of just talking about it every episode and not really doing anything about it.


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