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I was recently able to sit down with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman from Yoga Hosers at the Sundance Film Festival, and outside of talking about the film, I was able to dig a little bit and hear what these two comic book fanatics thought about something very important.

What was that?

Which superhero should run for president in 2016, of course!

Ralph's POTUS/VP Ticket: Superman/Captain America

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Ralph, his obsession with Batman, and the family-like atmosphere on the set of Yoga Hosers. But his answer to the hypothetical superhero presidential candidate question was my favorite.

"That's a great question. I gotta go with Big Blue, I gotta go with Superman. Or Captain America... maybe they could run together on the ticket together. Superman Captain America, a DC/Marvel ticket."

He elaborated a bit as well.

Ralph Garman supports a Cap and Superman ticket
Ralph Garman supports a Cap and Superman ticket
"Because, I found especially in Winter Soldier, I just thought that interpretation of Captain America, it was so great. He put the true spirit of America above and beyond even the government and what they were trying to do. And it looks like they're leaning that way with Man of Steel too, with the Cavill interpretation of Superman, where he's sort of looking at the big picture versus serving any one particular government or anything. I think we've sort of lost track of what America stands for and what it should stand for and what we should aspire to be. We've gotten mired down in sort of this separatist politics and Us vs Them mentality so we need somebody who can kind of inspire us again and pull us all together. And I think those two guys are the most inspiring."

I think that ticket is pretty bad-ass. But Kevin Smith has different ideas...

"The temptation of course is to say Batman. Because if anyone can get something done it's Batman. There would be no grid-lock if Batman was president. But you know, you probably want him on the street level, not so much in the Oval Office."

I interjected here that Batman could be Secretary of Defense. And Kevin agreed.

Batman deserves a spot in the cabinet.
Batman deserves a spot in the cabinet.

Kevin's POTUS/VP Ticket: Captain Marvel/Captain America

Captain Marvel and Captain America by MarcBourcier
Captain Marvel and Captain America by MarcBourcier

The man had some good reasoning:

"Superman's an alien, I'm sorry. We can't have an alien president, we all know this. Otherwise Schwarzenegger would've been president but that's not going to happen so Superman can't be president. So let's give it to Captain Marvel and Captain America. In that order... president, vice president."

So, there you have it. Who's got your vote?


Who would you vote for as President of the United States of America? (Cap as VP in both cases)


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