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Its been an insane week with us getting so much knowledge as to whats to come from the DC universe. We got word of all our heroes as well as the Suicide Squad full trailer but now we got more. Its the picture that has everyone talking and was released by Empire. In the picture we see Batman in full Knightmare costume looking upon at a symbol. This is no ordinary symbol though because this symbol means Darkseid is approaching. Our only question now is when will this be happening exactly and what movie? We are not entirely sure when we will finally get to see Darkseid but at least we know he is on the way. Im pretty sure the name will be tossed around in Dawn of Justice but i highly doubt we will get a full appearance from the being. Darkseid will likely be the Justice League villain in either part 1 or 2 and maybe both, so i'd like to know what do you think about Darkseid joining the DCEU already?


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