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Thanks to hints by show creator Alex Hirsch as well as some nicely worded ciphers, the Gravity Falls fanbase is almost positive that someone will die in the finale. More importantly, that it will be one of the Pines who die, but who?

Most fans say that Ford fits the bill nicely, that his past actions with Bill as well as hints in the new trailer suggest an untimely demise for our mid season guest.

I'm here to say that though Ford's death does sound like a fitting way to end the show, there's a better character for the job. This death is supposed to be the "Ultimate Sacrifice" right? How would Ford be that? He's only been in the show for half a season, literally a week or two for the Pines, and barely did anything since Weirdmageddon began. Not to mention that his death would indeed hurt Dipper, but nobody else would be overly affected by it. That's where we get to our main candidate, Grunkle Stan.

His death would be the Ultimate Sacrifice, for multiple reasons. He's going to sacrifice himself for the kids, for his brother, for Gravity Falls because over the course of the show, he has been developing into a character who would be more willing to do that, and who would be missed the most.

When Dipper and Mabel first arrived in Gravity Falls, Stan was just a family member, but as the show went on, he grew into something of a hero. We saw him protect the kids over and over, and in more heroic ways each time, from the events in The Land Before Swine, to Scary-oke, and even more notably saving them in the Stanchurian Candidate. And of course we learn about his 30 year long journey to save his brother.

He goes from being a con man with just a mystery around him to a con man who has proven he'd rather risk his own life and even go to jail if it mean helping his family. He only grows from there, he takes on something that I see as a leader role at the end of Weirdmageddon 2, as when Supper and Mabel walk into the shack, he's there with other townmembers and creatures. This is in his house, with him at the front, and I can only believe that it means he's leading them and protecting them. Because of this, his death really would be ultimate, not only would he have played large role in the saving of Gravity Falls and the world, but in getting Dipper and Mabel to where they were, and that's not something you forget.

Stans death would happen right before they head home, they would go home with the memory of what Stan had done for everyone, and Ford would take back his house, and remember Stan for having messed up his life, but also for how he made up for that in a big way.

That's why I feel Stan is the best candidate to be the one killed off in the finale. Who do you think it will be?


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