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Batman Fanatic, Funko Enthusiast, Movie Connoisseur.
David Marmolejo

We're starting fresh on this page. FunkoFilmFeature; Ant-Man here will present each of my Funko's that I have collected since the Summer of '14. Movies that I see will be presented here as well, from catching a late showing of a premiere, or a morning solo screening, to any movie I pick up on Blu Ray and also a Steelbook, each movie will have an impact, and I'll express myself here. If it helps great!, If you have an opinion excellent! let's rumble! Anything you see that you like here, thank you kindly, spread the love! It's a long journey and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do because I do not plan on stopping anytime soon!

This is not my First Funko... rather my Spirit Animal. If anyone has seen Bob's Burgers (What kind of question is that?!) Then you know how amazing Gene Belcher is. The middle of the gang, musically exotic, and a wit so bliss, it's like looking at a younger me. He could not be so much more true to himself, and I plan to do just that with this collection, love it or hate it, it is my thing!


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