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The possibilities are endless at Marvel Studios, and what better character to bring a female hero to life than 'The Wasp'! She's fearless and portrayed by an actress that exhibits all the traits, that you'll want in a female superhero. I'm starting to feel annoyed by adding in female - it should not matter what you call a hero. Gender plays no part when a person is risking their life to protect the common people. I would to love to see tons more strong females heroes - due to my undying respect of Buffy The Vampire The Slayer!

Last summer,the amazing movie 'Ant-man' - left a sour tasted in some people's mouth - that Hope Van Dyne did not suit up, and help Scott Lang in the climax of the movie. A lot of people were happy that she received a movie afterwards called 'Ant-Man and The Wasp'! Yet I would still love to see a movie that belongs solely to her. Adam Mckay, one of the writers of Ant-Man - had this to say about Hope's possible future movie in an interview with IGN.......

“Possibly. I think it all depends on this sequel and how the character plays. Certainly there’s a lot of female superheroes in the Marvel universe so I’m sure you’re going to see them start to spread out. They sort of started with their kind of bedrock characters from the 60s and the 70s and I think you sawmore of an explosion of female characters happening in the 80s and then the 90s. X-Men obviously has great female characters, but that’d be interesting, a Wasp movie. I don’t know, that’d be very interesting. I always think of the two of them as kind of together – they always were in the comics – but why not. Sure.”
Really, why does her breasts must be that big?
Really, why does her breasts must be that big?

There's a huge task of creating a female movie, because a failure could send the production downhill for the times to come. Yet, she portrayed herself with the utmost confidence, and I will buy a ticket to wait in line, waiting to see her dominate everyone, that's doubting her!

Everything will boil down to the success of Ant-Man and The Wasp. In all of the MCU's movies, the second movie in the MCU - have a track record of vastly improving on the original. With the lack of The Wasp in Civil War, due to her pregnancy. I am immensely curious, what could the third movie bring to the table! I am a Buffy for ever - and to see the appeal - pf what this hero would add by creating even more excitement to see her battling Thanos!

What could a 'Wasp' movie have occur during the plot?

I am not the biggest Wasp fan, but I adored Hope, in Ant-Man. Could she go on a crazy mission - where she would have to save the world from a group of corrupt Government officials. Maybe, Marvel will go the route of how hard it is, for a superhero to find love in these ages - or they could use both those as guidelines. I wouldn't mind if she teamed up with another Avenger, and make a movie with a different sub-genre- and the whole move displays how awesome The Wasp truly is. Anyway I would be ecstatic of a new movie with her leading the adventure!

If her movie is more successful than expected - look for many more awesome heroes to appear - to appease the market (and myself)!

Do you think there's a chance she would receive her own movie?

Ant-Man and The Wasp will hit theaters on May 4th, 2018


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