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Everyone rejoice... Jane The Virgin is finally back on!

The beginning of Season Two made me crazy. Crazy in the sense that I stopped to peruse the baby section at Target & went around telling my friends what a cool name Matteo was for a boy.

Then, tonight happened. One minute into tonight's premiere and I was instantly glad I had time to sit down & actually watch Jane The Virgin (sorry Moms aka SuperWomen).

While Matteo's sobbing was eventually drowned out by the Tele-Novela drama of Petra being framed by her mother for the death of Ivan, the true identity of Drug Lord Mutter, and Michael's new girlfriend accidently getting friend requested on Facebook by Jane (well, Matteo), the real heat of the upcoming season came in the preview for next week's episode.

Now, while I know we are all huge fans of both Justin Baldoni (Rafael Solano) and Brett Dier (Michael Cordero), it is time for our dear, dear Jane to move on and meet some new people. There's a reason they limit baggage on flights, Jane...

Baldoni, Rodriquez, & Dier (2015).
Baldoni, Rodriquez, & Dier (2015).

Which is why next week's preview for episode "Chapter Thirty-Two" looks so damn exciting. It looks like our little Jane is finally getting Tinder. Which means lots and lots of dates (but no sex). Sure it was pleasing to see Jane (Gina Rodriquez) all sweaty trying to shoot hoops on the basketball court, but I'd rather see her getting sweaty in a different way.

So tonight's brief clip of Jane and her writing program professor getting hot and heavy on an office desk has me a little excited for next week. Let's just hope this isn't another one of the show writers' ploy AKA a Jane Villanueva dream sequence.

Professor Chavez, Jane The Virgin.
Professor Chavez, Jane The Virgin.
Rodriquez & Rodriquez.
Rodriquez & Rodriquez.

Adam Rodriquez who plays Professor Chavez is best known for CSI:Miami, Empire, & (who could forget) Magic Mike XXL.

If Professor Chavez is Jane's The One... There is no complaining here.


Do you think Professor Chavez is The One?


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