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Yes, you read that correctly! I cannot believe it but nevertheless as an avid and dedicated PC Gamer who yearns for a bit more of nostalgia from my childhood, this is as sweet as it gets.

Atari will release 100 of its classic games in a single package for Steam, called Atari Vault, this spring, it said today. So far, it promises to include Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, and Warlords in the package, with online multiplayer and Steam leaderboard support.

Furthermore, Atari’s press release assured “precision control” via the Steam Controller, which could prove to rather attractive if done right. A plethora of classic Atari games such as Centipede originally used a trackball controller, which few PC users today have access to let alone know what the heck it is. Nevertheless the Steam Controller’s unique touch pads can mimic the feel of a trackball quite well, so they could be excellent for playing these classics.

Atari did not reveal which versions of the games (arcade, home, remakes) would be included in Atari Vault, but it will show the game off at PAX SOUTH later this month in San Antonio.


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