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It's no secret that legendary Metal Gear developer Hideo Kojima likes hiding allusions to himself, his (now independent) studio Kojima Productions, and other outside media within the body of his work; especially when it takes the form of a hidden insult to the company he once worked for, Konami.

There's loads of great Easter Eggs hidden in the game crowned 2015's Game of the Year — [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985), how many have you found?

Here's our favorites and where you can find them.

Save Kojima!

In Side Ops #112 — Intel Agent Extraction — Snake has a pretty simple mission: sneak in, rescue the captured diplomat, sneak back out again. But there's a twist. This is no ordinary diplomat, this is Hideo Kojima himself!

There's something quite gratifying about seeing Kojima being rescued by his own legendary creation, especially given that this was their last outing together. These are manly tears, I swear.

The Boss Makes An Appearance

During the batshit insane MGSV prologue Awakening, while you're escaping the hospital you may have noticed the huge statue in the courtyard (or not given that you're fleeing fire and brimstone at the time).

The statue in question is of a flaming female figure riding a horse, and on closer inspection it looks suspiciously like the Mother of Special Forces, The Boss — mentor of Naked Snake / Big Boss in the near perfect Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Ghostly Goings On

Remember P.T., the pants-shittingly terrifying Silent Hills PS4 demo developed by Kojima and eventually shut down by Konami? Well do, we still wake up at night in a cold sweat sometimes...

The radio message that plays repeatedly during P.T., detailing the gruesome murder of Lisa and her children, can be heard in Metal Gear Solid V inside a tent at Guard Post #17 in Africa.

It can be heard again in Code Talker's mansion, providing you didn't kill all the Skulls on your way to the mansion. And again, in Shago Village, the eerie creak of the swinging light fitting/fridge from P.T. can be made out in the distance. Nope.

Needs More Fibre

When looking through the binoculars, point them at a bathroom being used by a soldier to unlock a hidden — and really quite gross — track recording.

Um, we'll let this one speak for itself.

1984 References

Did you notice the references to George Orwell's famous dystopian novel 1984?

During Chapter 2 of Metal Gear Solid V, posters which read "BIG BOSS IS WATCHING YOU" can be found in various places around Mother Base, referencing Big Brother's propaganda from 1984.

Again at Mother Base, if you feel so inclined as to shoot Ocelot in the head with your tranquilizer gun he'll eventually utter the phrase "2+2=5", another reference to the false dogma enforced by the thought-controlling Party in 1984.

Demon Snake

Demon Snake is a secret character transformation which happens if Venom Snake loses more than 50,000 Hero Points (which occurs automatically if you develop a nuclear weapon).

See, Venom Snake has an "Demon Value," an invisible tally of points which are determined by your actions. If you're particularly vicious and cruel — killing prisoners, animals or allies for example — you lose points, while heroic acts such as rescuing certain prisoners or destroying nuclear weapons allow you to gain points back.

The higher your Demon Value is (so the more points you lose) the larger the shrapnel horns on Venom Snake's head become. Go below 50,000 points and — boom — you become Demon Snake, covered in horns and blood that won't wash off. Sheesh, talk about literal metaphors.

For more info on Demon Snake check out the video below by Jay Carteré on YouTube.

What's YOUR favorite 'Metal Gear Solid V' Easter Egg? Tell us in the comments below!


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