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American Actress Andie MacDowell has found herself baring the brunt of a social media storm thanks to a handful of comments she made via Twitter regarding a disagreement with American Airlines.

The Groundhog Day star took to Twitter to vent anger over not receiving an airline service she'd rightly paid for, and thanks to a poor choice of phrasing, MacDowell has been accused of snobbery and acting like a 'brat' on a 'power trip.' Why? Because she used the term 'tourist' rather than 'coach.'

As the Internet backlash began to pour in, MacDowell reinforced her previous statement and dug her hole a little deeper by commenting that she was served by a guy on a 'power trip.'

And while 'tourist' class is a rather clueless term to use, MacDowell was fully entitled to complain about the rather shoddy service she received from American Air.

Social Media Reactions

As you can imagine, a large proportion of commenters were less than impressed with MacDowell's approach:

However, as the backlash escalated, many jumped to the star's defense:

And, well, there's always one:

This whole debacle is a good illustration of fame's downsides, but it seems MacDowell is just getting along with her life as normal. And, as for the pooch that caused all this mess? Zero cares given:

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