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Pokémon fans around the world felt the hair on the back of their necks stand up when the epic 20th anniversary Super Bowl commercial aired, and it looks like the dynamic ad is packed with plenty of bonus Easter Eggs to delight even the most prolific trainer.

If you somehow missed the stirring ad, check it out in the clip below before we rummage through the long grass and dissect the action:

Although the entire spectacle is enough to waken even the most cynical Pokéfan's inner child from their slumber, it seems there might also be a bit of a treasure hunt to really get them running around, dizzy with excitement. Check out some of the clues and pointers I've spotted in the break down below:

I See Mew!

Could these be ancient instructions telling us just how to capture the elusive Mew?

Rare Fossil Sighting

You might have managed to spot Learn to Surf (HM03), but there were also a lot more subtle details in the small print drifting across the TV. The lower right of the screen says 'Kanto' and also "roadblock on Route 12" and "crowds flock to see rare fossil discovered at Mount Moon." This is obviously referencing the Dome and Helix Fossils in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow.

Long Live the King

Did anyone spot this clever word play on the chess board? Yep, it's NidoKING!

An Eruption of Greatness

The Kanto region is still dominating the symbolism in the ad with the football players proudly baring the emblem of the Volcano Badge on their helmets.

Pokémon Origins

Yep, 1996 is the year when Pokémon (and, by extension Pokémons!) was first released in Japan.

I Want to Be the Very Best

If you didn't have the song below pounding through your head, there's something wrong.

Milking It

The neon Tokyo-like wall of lights features sneaky Moo Moo Milk and Rare Candy emblems around the image of the reigning champion.


Of course, a Pokémon ad wouldn't be complete without a Pikachu cameo and this first generation dominated ad (the only non first gen. Pokémon that appears is Mega Lucario) shows the world-famous Pocket Monster passing the torch to the next generation.

(Source: Uproxx and Pkmncast)


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