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Varia Fedko-Blake

Even though actor Bradley Cooper doesn't have any films showcasing at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this year, it appears that his beautiful face has been seen popping up all over the place anyway. That is, the face of what appears to be his doppelgänger!

According to reports, a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Brad has been running amok at various industry events, including a party for the film White Girl on Saturday. And the cheeky impersonator had a bunch of people fooled, like this Instagram user who asked for a quick snap with him:

However, while the organizers of the bash held at Bar 53 at Rock and Reilly's said that the Coopersonator waltzed in without them noticing at first, they "quickly caught on" that he wasn't the A-lister he said he was.

When he was asked to hand over an ID, the look-a-like refused and instead, pushed a button on his iPhone exposing a screensaver of The Hangover as solid proof he wasn't lying. Sadly, this really didn't do him any favors and in an interesting turn of events, the man (let's call him Cradley Booper) started screaming, "you're done for!" as he was ejected from the premises.

Today, this Cradley fellow remains unnamed but to be honest, good on him — he's more legit than that ridiculously fake baby the real Bradley had to pretend to cradle in American Sniper anyway:



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