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Pop icon and general babe Britney Spears, broke Instagram yesterday by posting a series of three incredibly seductive videos of her writhing around in a very little black bikini.

The steamy Instagram post is of course a gift for which the world will be eternally grateful, but the mysteriousness of the captionless clip has us all asking... why? What are you trying to tell us Britney? What have we done to deserve this?!

The videos are all set to 'S.O.B.' by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, and the lyrics read:

“for seventeen years I’ve been throwing them back.”

Coincidentally, that's how long it’s been since the January ’99 release of her record-breaking debut, 'Baby One More Time'!

What does it all mean?!

Spears' fans were quick to jump on social media to voice their delight and confusion.

We have no doubt that Ms. Spears knows all too well the stress she is putting us through, so our hope is that she will reveal the reason behind the mystifying but magical clips in due course.

Until then, let's imagine that she is working on a new, midriff baring music video, reminiscent of... every Britney video ever.

Britney forever.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, You Tube.


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