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Until recently I never thought we'd witness the release of a half-decent Transformers game, but Platinum - the makers of Vanquish and Bayonetta - deftly proved me wrong with an adaptation that turned out far better than it had any right to be. Now the developer is looking to replicate the surprising success of Transformers: Devastation by turning to another equally loved franchise: TMNT.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, a game rumored to be in development for some time, has finally been revealed and it looks to be a tribute worthy of the badass pizza-loving reptiles. Check out the announcement:

Platinum are known and respected for designing tight, frenetic combat mechanics made all that more satisfying by razor sharp controls. And in Mutants in Manhattan you'll be able to fight alongside three other friends online, sure to cause arguments over who gets to be Donatello.

The story's set up will be familiar to any fan of the series as it's actually written by IDW Comic's TMNT author, Tom Waltz:

Battle alongside your brothers through the sewers, subways, and streets of NYC to take down Shredder and Krang's evil organization, Foot by Foot. Unleash custom combat skills and powerful team combos to save Manhattan from the overwhelming dark forces growing in the shadows.

This cell-shaded turtle treat is due out this summer on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

[Source: Activision]


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