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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and the entire cast of his new flick Swiss Army Man walked the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this last weekend. The event was held at the Eccles Center Theater and hundreds of screaming Radcliffe fans were in attendance.

Dubbed the "farting" movie by much of the press reports thus far, the film received a lot of negative attention when some of the theater audience got up and walked out of the event siting Radcliffe's farting corps character.

One attendee, who appeared to be hot under the collar, had this to say,

"It wasn't the farts that offended me, it was everything about the film. It upsets me when some in this business try to pass off this sort of drivel to movie goers, demanding to get their hard-earned money for the crap they put out. Really pisses me right off."

Another person, who walked out with a smile on her face, said this,

"I usually enjoy a good fart line in a movie, but this was seriously stupid. The writing, the cinematography, it all really stunk. I'm afraid that this film will get passed up by distributors and then the investors will lose out--that's just sad."

Since it's inception the Sundance Film Festival has been a place for independent film makers to sell their films to distributors and get much needed press. But films that get passed up by distribution companies usually never get viewed by the masses and fall off into obscurity.

Celebrity biographer and film critic Randy Jernigan had this to say about the film after viewing it,

"I really don't think this film was meant to be so polarizing when they made it. Or offensive. I'm sure they had the best of intentions to make a movie that would be entertaining and also have a message. I think when audiences watch this film all the way through they will recognize the artistic qualities as well as the comedic element--at least I hope so. Wasn't really my type of movie but I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that will enjoy it."

As of this writing there has been no word that Swiss Army Man had attracted any distributors but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I loved the movie!


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