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There's a new prank that's going around targeting unsuspecting iPhone users, and it's already annoyed way too many people.

It's called CrashSafari, and it does exactly what it's name suggests. Upon clicking on a link to the site, a simple JavaScript program is activated that keeps adding characters to the URL bar.

The result? The browser (yes, it's happening on Chrome too) runs out of memory and the phone quickly becomes unresponsive. Ultimately, the site forces the phone to reboot, and according to software engineer Frederic Jacobs, it will require a iOS update to fix.

Here's what the crash looks like in action

The crash will definitely affect iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, but it can also affect laptops and desktop computers with lower processing power. However, it seems like CrashSafari will predominantly affect Apple fans since PC owners and Android users should be capable of forcing the infinite code to end without a full restart.

Definitely avoid any link to the CrashSafari website, but that's not the only thing to cause a worry.

Some savvy (and evil) pranksters are shortening the link and adding misleading captions


These people who are clearly just out to ruin all of our days are lying about Drake tracks and a new Kanye West album to get people to crash their phones.

In fact, that link above has already been clicked over a half a million times, and that's definitely causing a lot of headaches. The Daily Dot recommends using a URL expander on any shortened links that look suspicious.

Lastly, just don't be that person who shares this link just to frustrate your friends and followers. No one needs that.

(H/T: The Daily Dot)


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