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The comic book incarnation of Lucifer has been crying out for a decent film or TV adaptation for ages now, and last night we were lucky enough to finally see the opening episode. But how was it?

Before we recap, let's remind ourselves of a sneaky preview of the kind of devilish shenanigans Lucifer Morningstar will be getting up to in Season 1:

Deepest Desires

It turns out Lucifer is actually a charming and slightly arrogant (he has the right to be) British guy with a penchant for misbehaving. No surprises there, then.

Tom Ellis, who has mainly featured on British TV throughout his career, is one of the highlights of the pilot episode.

The tone of the show is also a big plus; it's jovial and doesn't take itself too seriously, which is essential for the character to blossom.

A Promising Start

As opening episodes go, it's solid but not groundbreaking. In all fairness, though, the beginning of any show has to lay the groundwork for the plot that follows, and Lucifer does this well.

Warning: the below text contains spoilers!

In one early scene, when Lucifer gets pulled over by the Police for speeding, we get an insight into his hidden powers. These include the ability to make anyone reveal their deepest secrets, allowing him to bribe the officer and leave the scene unscathed.

Following the murder of a friend, Lucifer then joins up with the police force to help discover who the perpetrators are, in what will no doubt be one of the biggest plot points of the season.

With a solid support cast, including Suits star D.B. Woodside as an Angel who will be trying to get Lucifer back where he belongs, the early signs are promising.

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