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Late last year, we were swept away by the mind-boggling rumors that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were getting hot and heavy after a slew of Instagram snaps fueled speculation the 36-year-old was dating the 21-year-old pop prince.

And although the commotion seems to have died down now and Bieber has since been parading around with corn-rows in his hair to appease rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, it seems that there's still some unfinished business simmering with the Kardashian-mother-of-three.

Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres's chat show, Kourtney was bombarded with questions regarding her relationship with Bieber. Never one to keep quiet on some juicy gossip, ultimate truth-crusader Ellen asked if Justin helped to babysit her kids. Kourtney's reaction? To flash a huge grin and start blushing:

"We're friends. Yes."

To this, the host replied with something that was on all of our minds:

“You’re smiling as if maybe it’s beyond friends.”

Kourtney made the following retort:

“I’ve been smiling this whole time since I’ve been sitting here."

She then reached for a glass of water. Hmmm, sound very sneaky to me!

Here's the full video clip:



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