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Miley Cyrus is about to transform into 'high brow Cyrus' after it's been revealed the controversial singer, actor and prolific tongue waggler will star alongside Woody Allen in his brand new Amazon series.

Allen has also cast the veteran powerhouse, Academy Award nominated Elaine May to star in the show, which has led to speculation that Miley could be playing the actor/director's love interest, who all tend to be a bit (read A LOT) on the young side.

Elaine May will also star
Elaine May will also star

So far, details are thin on the ground about Allen's new venture but Deadline has the following scrap of information about the upcoming six episode series:

"It will take place in the 1960s, and it is certainly unexpected. Allen, who wrote the scripts and will direct, has set Elaine May and Miley Cyrus to star alongside him... It begins shooting in March."

Cyrus seems thrilled to be relaunching her acting career and she announced the news to her fans with the Instagram image of Allen below accompanied by the following caption:

"Fuck yeah ! Stoked to be in Woody Allens first series!!!!! I had claimed 2016 to be my year of "chillin the fuck out" but next to my bed for a few years now has been this portrait of W.A. & I was looking into his eyes when I got the call to be apart of the cast and work alongside the bad a$$ Elaine May & da dude himself! 1960zzzz here I cummmmm "

Naturally, the Twittersphere has had a lot to say about the prospect of Miley and Woody sharing a screen and below is a selection of what people are screaming into cyber space:

(Source: Deadline)


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