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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There's something about freaky little kids in horror movies that just takes the terror to another level... from the Grady Twins in The Shining to little Michael Myers stabbing his sister, kids have always played a big part in creating some of the greatest horror movies.

Check out how much some of these little terrors have changed over the years!

1. Felissa Rose

Role: Angela Baker

Movie: Sleepaway Camp

2. Daveigh Chase

Role: Samara Morgan

Movie: The Ring

3. Danielle Harris

Role: Jamie Lloyd

Movies: Halloween 4 & 5

4. Miko Hughes

Role: Gage Creed

Movie: Pet Sematary

5. Mischa Barton

Role: Kyra Collins

Movie: The Sixth Sense

6. Jodelle Ferland

Role: Sharon Da Silva / Alessa Gillespie

Movie: Silent Hill

7. Madeline Zima

Role: Emma Bartel

Movie: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

8. Isabelle Fuhrman

Role: Esther

Movie: Orphan

9. Dakota Fanning

Role: Emily Callaway

Movie: Hide & Seek

10. Chloe Moretz

Role: Abby

Movie: Let Me In

11. Takako Fuji

Role: Kayako Saeki

Movie: The Grudge

12. AnnaSophia Robb

Role: Loren McConnell

Movie: The Reaping

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