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Céline Dion may have been crooning her way around the music industry since the '80s, but it wasn't until she provided the theme songs to '90s classics Beauty and the Beast and Titanic that she truly touched our fragile, youthful hearts.

With her powerful ballads, interesting style choices, and beautifully bizarre outlook on life (skip to #10 for proof), Ms. Dion is fabulously sassy and majorly overlooked. So overlooked in fact, that you probably won't know any of the crazy facts listed below:

1. 'Beauty and The Beast,' was Céline Dion's first UK single

The song was a duet with Peabo Bryson, who also sang 'A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme).'

2. When she first heard 'My Heart Will Go On,' she hated it

On the Jonathan Ross show she admitted,

“I didn’t want to sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’… Thank God they didn’t listen to me. I didn’t really like the song at first.”

3. It became the 13th biggest selling physical single ever

EVER. It sold 15 million copies.

4. And she sang the whole thing in one take!

“The demo is actually the real recording, I never sang the song again. Well, except three million times after that live.”

5. When she was an infant, her parents formed a singing group, Dion's Family, and they toured Canada

She's the youngest of 14 children, so it was quite a sizable troupe.

6. Céline was 5 years old when she sang in public for the first time

At her brother's wedding. Then, aged 12, she recorded her first demo and sent it to the manager and producer Rene Angélil...

7. ...Whom she married in 1994

And sadly lost in January, 2016.

8. She is three months younger than her stepson, Patrick Angélil


9. Her total net worth is $630 million

Which explains why she owns 500 pairs of shoes.

10. And is the muse for the best montage on the Internet:

You're welcome.

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