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Can you feel the noise , all around the world, Hulk's fans are clapping in enjoyment! There's been many speculations, about where the Green Giant landed, and with a recent article - we might have confirmation on a Planet Hulk mixing with [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858)!

Can Marvel Adapt Planet Hulk with Thor: Ragnarok

The rumors are stating that Hela and Loki, are working together to send Thor Odinson to Hel, Hela will destory Mjoinir and send Thor to do battle for all of eternity, and it's must be small galaxy - because this is where Thor, finds Hulk dominating in the arena! Thor will have no Asgardian weapons. but he's still Thor - and he will have to face Hulk. Like all other movies, Bruce will be slowly reminded of Thor as they're fighting! You know after a long two minutes for Thor, Bruce will remember who he is!

Another plot point of this story, Thor will be looking for something to hold the Infinity Stone (Infinity Gauntlet?), or an actual Infinity stone. After the re-write, you can expect this Thor to be hilarious - highly doubt it will match wits of Guardians of the Galaxy, but what can?

How amazing does this journey of these two heroes sounds? I am curious on how they'll finish the movie, what will happen with Loki. Also will the Norse Apocalypse actually happen? No one knows for sure yet, but all the news that's coming from Marvel - expect this to be a huge hit!

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters on November 4th, 2017!


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