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Here is a list of five performances which Ryan Reynolds was simply amazing! This is until December 2015 so Deadpool will not be in this list but i'm sure it will be also amazing!

1. Buried (2010)

I hate it when fantastic movies such as this get completely overlooked when it comes time for awards to be handed out. 'Buried' is a triumph in minimalist moviemaking and is a heart wrenchingly intense movie experience. Reynolds gives the performance of his life here, goes through a series of emotions, angry, sarcastic and terrified. Compelling and sympathetic, likely physically arduous too (though I'd don't know how the movie was made it must have been tough, barring serious trickery) he holds the movie wonderfully.

2. Chaos Theory (2008)

Reynolds is a very under-appreciated talent, and his work in this film is spot-on. Ryan Reynolds's performance is very good, a gifted actor, he is able to play in comedies but equally well unravel and dramas. When I first came across this movie, I was expecting some a sort of personal epiphany that drives the main character to some higher state of being. Instead I found something much more appealing and deeply human in this movie.

3. Mississippi Grind (2015)

Two powerful performances from Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds carry this gritty gambling flick. Reynolds is excellent as Curtis, a free-wheeling and gregarious guy, who meets and befriends Gerry at a poker room, in Iowa casino. They decide to travel together down the Mississippi on a gambling odyssey, with the ultimate goal of playing in a high stakes poker game, in New Orleans.

4. The Voices (2014)

The Voices is a dark comedy starring Ryan Reynolds who begins to hear voices through both his cat and dog who try to persuade him to do certain good or not so good things. Ryan Reynolds was incredible in this movie, he absolutely nailed his role of a person who is very damaged but also oblivious to what he is doing and has done. It was one of his best performances and was just amazing on screen, which makes me more excited to see his future movies like 'Deadpool'.

5. Waiting... (2005)

Ryan Reynolds brings another eccentric performance forward. He does it perfectly and does another great job again. In 'Waiting...' Ryan Reynolds plays Monty, the seemingly head waiter at a Shenanigan's restaurant. Monty hates his job, like most, but he is like a god at Shenanigan's and gets away with almost anything. His bud and roommate Dean (Justin Long) is just a little more dissatisfied, but starts to see things in perspective once he is offered an assistant manager position.

What's your favorite Ryan Reynolds Performance? Are you excited for Deadpool?


Which is your favorite Ryan Reynolds Performance?


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