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Regardless of Netflix crackdown, users can view worldwide Netflix library through this global Netflix search engine.

Netflix Inc. recently announced a crackdown against users who accessed its service using VPNs or other geo-dodging methods. The streaming giant sets up a catalogue for every region monthly and it is not biased in its entertainment offerings, but there are viewers who want to access the catalogue of other regions instead.

A prime example of this is the recent Australian expansion. More than 340,000 Australian users joined Netflix prior to its launch in the country using VPN services. Now when it is legally available in the country, the viewers are involved in geo dodging tricks to access US catalogue.

This compelled Netflix to take a serious action against such users and ban them immediately. Prior to the crackdown, it mentioned that it is doing everything it can to eliminate illegal and unethical use of its streaming platform. It is not a piece of cake considering there are nearly 75 million streaming subscribers.

The company has started banning unblockers and VPNs in order to eliminate ‘country hopping’. Regardless of its efforts, there is still one way through which users can view the worldwide Netflix library.

The streaming service provider is going forward with its crackdown but viewers can still view different catalogues from other regions. If they are looking for a movie or TV show in particular, which they do not have in their region, then the global Netflix search engine can direct them to the location where it would be available.

Netflix is not biased in offering its entertainment services but it is known that the US library is far more superior to those of other regions. In fact, the catalogues hugely differ from one region to another. Initially, Canadian viewers were involved in these activities as well in order to get hands on the US content. This factor contributed to company’s decision for a global expansion.

The global search engine mentioned above is known as ‘unofficial Netflix online Global Search’ or uNoGS, which does half of the work if users are looking for an online movie or TV show not available in a region. The infamous search engine allows users to search by entering a movie name or actor name in the search field. Furthermore, they can use filters according to their preferences, such as country specification, ratings, and much more. Once the content is located, all the user has to do is use a VPN service to enable geo-dodging.

Regardless the company has started its crackdown operation, it will take a while to actually implement it everywhere; or it may not be, but unless it happens, viewers can enjoy the content they would like to watch.


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