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In the months after Fallout 4's release we've seen gamers create some awe-inspiring settlements to house the homeless of Boston's Wasteland. But nothing compares to this latest behemoth creation by YouTuber Jug, who is a veritable master of creating the most badass of homely hideaways.

The virtual architect extraordinaire created the structure, dubbed the Tower of Eden, at Abernathy Farm — found to the north west or just under Sanctuary Hills — due to it having a lower elevation than the other numerous settlements. Meaning you can build taller structures without going over the game's size limit. Nice, huh?

Constructed on PS4, Jug also uses super clever workarounds to avoid hitting the size limit, like placing flooring at odd angles or removing unnecessary bits of building framework.

It's all thoroughly detailed in the video below, which also happens to be over 25 minutes long, so if you're in the mood to get deep into a building vibe, you know what to do!

But until that moment, have some more photos of the incredible building:

(Source: Jug/YouTube)


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