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So, everyone is discussing who Rey's parents could be in the new Star Wars episode, The Force Awakens. Here are my reasons why I think Rey is Luke's daughter.


Who do you think Rey is related to?

1. The Lightsaber

Rey was chosen by Anakin's lightsaber as its new owner. In the past, the lightsaber had only two true owners, Luke and Anakin, so maybe the lightsaber chose Rey because she is next in the family, and we also see that she is pretty skilled at using the lightsaber, even though she had probably never used one before.

2. The Force

In the scene when Kylo Ren and Rey are fighting, Finn drops the lightsaber and falls to the ground, and Kylo Ren tries to use the force to retrieve the lightsaber and use it as his own weapon, but when the lightsaber finally flies through the air, it goes to Rey, not Kylo Ren, and Rey had never purposefully used the Foce before, and only some people are known for being capable of using the ways of the force, such as Luke.

3. Visions

When Kylo Ren is trying to get Rey to spill information, he sees her visions of a remote island somewhere, which is where Rey finds Luke at the end of The Force Awakens. Why else would Rey see the island?

4. R2-D2

R2-D2 had been on Sleep Mode ever since Luke disappeared and left R2 behind. But, he magically leaves Sleep Mode and is almost fully revived when Rey walks in. Why else would R2 awaken?

5. Rey says she doesn't know Luke

Rey states that she thought Luke Skywalker was a myth. There is also a scene when Rey was very young, and she is screaming "No, no! Don't go!" Perhaps her father (Luke Skywalker) is the one leaving, and she has no memory of him because she was so young when he left. And just a reminder, this would be when Luke left for the remote island, alone. The woman standing next to Rey as Luke leaves could be her possible mother, who could be Mara Jade from the Star Wars EU books, or possibly just a caretaker.

6. Resemblance

Luke and Rey resemble eachother in many ways, including dress. Other ways include how they were both left on a desert planet, or how they both have someone that wants to train them. Rey also distantly resembles Leia, Luke's sister, which would be possible because Leia would be Rey's aunt, which could also explain the Rey-and-Leia hug after (SPOILER ALERT) Han's death.

Comment why you think my theory could be right or wrong, and your opinion.


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