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Many of us have dreamed about what it would be like to sneak into a star-studded celebrity bash, but few of us would have the guts to concoct a likely story to get us whisked behind the velvet rope into the realm of free champagne and couture.

Redditor Fiend1138 managed to blag his way into the Oscars after party around a decade ago by pretending to be a musician and below are some of the candid snaps he captured of the veiled world of the celebrity after party along with his comments on some of the people he met.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie

Apparently fake tan was still totally hawt back in the day and our friend rated Paris Hilson of the most 'sun-kissed' of all the celebs. When he was asked about who was the most orange celeb he replied:

"Paris especially. She looked like Garfield."

Good to know!

Ethan Hawke

Although you would think moving around with a camera would cause suspicion, Fiend (as he shall now be known in absence of a real name!) says celebs were totally cool with getting their pictures take, he explained:

"Some people had cameras. But most people were really cool about it. They had no clue who I was, but figured that since I was in there that I must be somebody."

Kristen Dunst

When asked if he hit on anyone at the party, the gutsy Redditor replied that he had his heart set on Kristen Dunst, he wrote:

"Actually I did. I was hitting on Kirsten Dunst, but this was when she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal and he was getting pissy."

Maggie Gyllenhaal

So naturally, after pissing Jake off, he moved onto his sister Maggie. Ouch. Fiend explained:

"I started flirting with his sister Maggie who was completely hammered. He [Jake] did not approve.

Owen Wilson

Fiend also coughed up some pretty hilarious nuggets about how celebs are just as down to bullshit as we are when we're stuck in a tight spot. He explained:

"I said I was a musician (which I am) and told them the name of my band, and a few of them said "oh I love you guys!". Yeah right, you never heard us."

Gwen Stefani

If you've wondered if Gwen looks as perfect as she does in snaps in real life, the answer is a resounding yes. When asked "did Gwen look as perfect as she does in that photo?" our gatecrashing friend explained:

"She did. That woman does not age."

Billy Zane

Apparently the champagne was flowing pretty freely because our man actually said this to Billy Zane:

"I was so wasted, I walked up to him and said "Stay out of this Billy Zane!"

Ethan Hawke

Orlando Bloom

Oh, and if you're wondering why the celebs look really short in these pics, our gate crashing friend is a whopping 6'5".

Leelee Sobieski

If you were observant enough to see the color changes in the film and the variation in sideburn length (I certainly wasn't), it might help to know our guy did this twice:

"I did it 2 years in a row. You can which was which by the color of the images. The second year had more blueish tints to them."

John Travolta

If you've ever been wondering about the texture of John Travolta's face, apparently:

"Travolta did look like he was made of wax."

Tbf, I think he's looking pretty good in this pic, but each to their own I guess...

Tom Cruise

Yep, Tom Cruise is wearing a leather jacket for a reason, according to Fiend:

"In the rear, a man on a motorcycle blazed through security and caused about twenty L.A. County Sheriffs to converge on him. He turned off the bike, stepped off and removed his helmet. It was Tom Cruise. They nearly shat themselves."

Bill Murray

Apparently the dodgy composition of this Bill Murray shot can be explained by a slight misunderstanding about a thumbs up sign, Fiend explains:

"He held the camera and when I did a thumbs up he stopped and said no gang signs and just snapped a pic unprepared."

Probably his only chance and he fluffed it, gutted.

(Source: Imgur and Reddit)


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