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With news that Guillermo Del Toro will be producing a movie based on the book Scary Stories to Tell on the Dark, news of a documentary in the making has surfaced. The documentary, if properly funded, will tell the truly scary story of The American Library Association banning the book stating it was too scary for children also citing the frightening illustrations in the books.

Scary Stories was the most challenged book from 1990-1999 and was the seventh most challenged book from 2000-2009. Though in the 80's the book received several awards, including the 1987 Arizona Young Readers Award and the 1987 Buckeye Children's Book Award Grades 3-5 Category.

Scary Stories was authored by the late Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Stephen Gammell. The documentary is backed by the authors family and will feature both Schwartz's wife and grandson. The film will delve into the details surrounding the book's banning as well as the history of folk stories in children's literature.

Apparently the late author was quite amused with the fact that his book was banned so heavily...

"[Alvin] was the number one banned book author," says Barbara Schwartz, wife of the late author, "and he just loved that,"

The documentary had used crowd funding to complete as much of the project as they have but requires further funding to complete it. Cody Merick, the director of the film is requesting the funds though


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