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The long awaited Steven Universe bomb finally hit last week, with 5 new episodes! We finally got some answers about the Diamond Authority, Peridot took a stand to protect the Earth, and Garnet's origin story was far sweeter, and more important, than we'd ever imagined. All in all, the Steven bomb was definitely worth the wait. And there were a few clues hidden in the stories...

Will Lapis Lazuli Return?

We're firmly in Easter Egg territory here, so bear with me! Steven Universe storyboard artist Lauren Zuke tipped fans off to a hidden hint, about Lapis' return. On her Twitter, Zuke suggested that fans pay attention to Peridot's personal log entries...

In Log Date, Peridot gets obsessed with a television show which is simultaneously adorable and hilarious. I've honestly never felt closer to Peridot, especially during her intense marathon (of one episode over and over again). This was also a subtle nod to fans as Peridot starts analysing the show to death, as well as shipping two of the male main characters. The meta is pretty much off the charts here, but analysis aside, Peridot is just too cute.

Peridot casually channeling the fan base.
Peridot casually channeling the fan base.

But do Peridot's ramblings contain hidden hints? Well, here's what the fans found when they investigated...

[...] leaving his [...] not to mention percy is adept at aquatic sports. he would have won the canoe race if he weren’t so busy drooling over paulette, and the other part where percy goes to the bottom of the lake to get paulette’s friendship bracelet proved that [...] by the entire camp [...]. and pierre is a force to be reckoned with on land, when he [...]. *steven stops fast forwarding the tape*

Ok, so this is definitely Peridot talking about her new favourite show. But who do we know who's trapped at the bottom of a large body of water? Jasper and Lapis Lazuli, fused together as the terrifying Malachite.

Malachite banished to the ocean.
Malachite banished to the ocean.

So could Peridot's ramblings be a subtle hint that Lapis Lazuli, and Jasper are about to return (either in the form of Malachite or separately)? Considering the writers went to the trouble of constructing parallels in Peridot's rant, and Lauren Zuke pointed it out, it seems likely that we should expect Malachite to make an appearance soon. But there might be other hints in Peridot's logs...

An All Powerful.. Pharmaceutical Company?

If you slow down the logs even more, some really surprising things become apparent. The Steven Universe team might just have used snippets from old commercials, but it certainly sounds like some strange pharmaceutical company is up to something interesting. Here's one section of the clip...

"As one of Canada's leading ethical pharmaceutical companies we have researched and developed products of the finest quality to the well-being of Canadians since 1954. Today is no different. The success of Astra depends upon our ability to make the right moves at the right time."

On its own this seems just like a sound bite used so that the voice actors don't have to record hours of footage for Steven to fast forward to. But there might be something else going on...

Steven stumbles on a clue.
Steven stumbles on a clue.

This fan notes that there are some more, slightly ominous sounding clips hidden in the fast forwarded footage.

[...] the well being of the nation. today [...] depends on our goals to make the right move at the right time [...] we are about to launch the first major anti

Again, this could just be a stock sound bite, but it's definitely sounding like an organisation is devising a plan to do something that will have worldwide implications. Considering we don't really know how humans view gems (aside from Ronaldo's conspiracy theories), it seems possible that while the Crystal Gems are busy fighting the Cluster, a human organisation might be preparing a strike as well.

Intriguing. When Steven Universe returns from hiatus, we'll definitely see something epic (and potentially world changing) happen in Beach City! But what do you make of these clues? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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