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So if you're in love with star wars as much as I am then you probably remember leia's and reys conversation, one thing in particular. When leia had the talk with Rey she had mentioned that luke was training twins! Sooo who else caught that? Who is the other twin? Rey? Its looking like her but first lets look at kylo and see why. kylo trained to use the force at a young age, he was being manipulated around the age of 10, roughly the same age as rey being left alone on her home planet. She has been waiting for her family who had left, maybe they took her there so she would forget the force, leaving snoke out of reach, her seeing as leia an han already lost Ben who turned into kylo, plus leia being a general and having to lead she couldn't raise rey on a battlefield. So with kylo turned and leia a mess she only had one choice but to send kylos sibling (rey) somewhere safe and leave her there like her brother luke had to endure but he was safe. So is rey and ben siblings? But dont forget the main point who is kylos twin.


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