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As a young kid, I never thought I would be this excited to see Wonder Woman on the big screen. Diana Prince separates herself from male counterparts; not only being a female - but also being the most talented combatants in the Justice League! Yet, little is known about the warrior who gives Superman a run for his money, but also her heritage, which might result in casual film-goers becoming as confused as in Inception - did Leo ever really make it home? First things first, the anticipation will steadily be building as Dawn of Justice approaches.

Chris Pine, a.k.a. Steve Trevor, will accompany Diana in World War I, and says her secrets lie in her compassion, feminist qualities, and her being Wonder Woman! Chris Pine also dropped this comment.... to

“…With men at the helm it’s always a revenge cycle thing – we’re gonna go get the bad guys and the bad guys are defeated… What I think is really lovely having a woman at the helm of something like this is there’s a great deal more compassion and love at the center of the story, which for something as big a film as this is going be, it’s wonderful the little bit we can do to hopefully inch this universe towards something less aggressive.”

When they initially announced Gal Gadot, I thought to myself - this is what Wonder Woman looks like and I could not believe all the negative hype that surrounded her. Also, comparisons have been drawn between the differences between her, Superman, and Batman.

How can you not be excited to see her fighting style in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? My opinion of Wonder Woman is that she's an ambassador for her people, that she cares about everyone! She is the person that works out a situation, rather than fight to resolve a conflict. She's the epitome of what every hero should accomplish, let's hope this is the version of her we will see! Take a look at the trailer!

I cannot wait to see 'Wonder Woman' - how about you?


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