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Over the years, I've watched a lot of TV, and smoked a lot of pot. Then I stopped smoking pot so I could watch even more TV. After a horrific relapse to pot, I stopped watching TV entirely for a few hours, before I got bored and sold all my pot for basic cable(based on true events, only the names, dates, and events were changed).

Needless to say, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject of TV. If a show you like isn't on this list, it's probably because I forgot about it or IT SUCKS!!!!!!!! That's right, shots fired, commentors! Your opinions mean nothing to me, and your hatred fuels me!

1. Mike Tyson Mysteries (Adult Swim)

L to R: Yung, Mike, Marcus, Pigeon
L to R: Yung, Mike, Marcus, Pigeon

While still new and only in its second season, this show has everything you never knew you wanted! Mike Tyson in Scooby Doo style animation? Check. An 18 year old adopted Korean daughter? Check. The homosexual ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry? Check. A talking pigeon who was cursed by his e-wife? Check. Need I go on?

Not only is it hilarious, but with some mild story sprinkled in between the mysteries, you'll find yourself laughing your ass off.

2. Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)

Currently ranked Number 5 on IMDB's greatest television shows of all time(That's above Sherlock), Rick and Morty has found it's way into my heart, spurring much of the fan art I've made.

Krieger and Morty in the Jelly Bean Kingdom
Krieger and Morty in the Jelly Bean Kingdom
What a day, huh Rick? What a lovely day!
What a day, huh Rick? What a lovely day!
Rick and Morty visit the Fallout 4 universe.
Rick and Morty visit the Fallout 4 universe.

With amazing concepts, witty lines, and the whole show having a deep improvised sense to it, you'll find yourself laughing- and sometimes crying- through the whole adventure.

If you love Futurama, you'll love Rick and Morty

3. Black Mirror (BBC/Netflix)

While not a comedy, Black Mirror is a fantastic series of standalone stories showing the possible dystopian futures we can find ourselves in because of technology.

You may want to skip the first episode due to -ahem- certain actions performed to a pig. Vegans love animals, but I don't think they'd approve of this form of pig-loving...

Still, the series takes an unflinching look at the possible horrors we can face if we're not careful. While some of you may want to avoid it, I found it personally very eye-opening.

4. The Eric Andre Show

Do you like talk shows, but often find yourself bored by the talking? Then the Eric Andre Show is for you!

I can't find a word to describe it, but , am I right?

Some of you may find the show to be a horrific acid fueled fever dream, but the show is hilarious!

5. Check it Out!

One of my all time favorite shows.

Stars John C. Reilly, and created by the bizarre minds of Tim and Eric.

Dr. Steve Brule is a hilarious and incompetent doctor set in a local cable access show. The crude editing of this show is what makes it so amazing. I am not exaggerating when I say that this show is truly an artistic masterpiece matched only by the prolific Runaway:

So what do you guys think about my list? Fire off in the poll below!

6. The Venture Bros (Adult Swim)

One of my all-time favorite shows up there with Rick and Morty. One of the interesting things about this show is all the fan service to people that grew up with comic books. It's a sort of parody of the old Cartoon Network show Johnny Quest, who is ironically a character that does exist in the universe (Both shows are properties of Cartoon Network).

What I love is the fresh take of take on unionized Super Villains, and a world that doesn't have too many superheroes, but has Super Scientists. You'll see a lot of parodies of some of your favorite shows and superheroes and before you know it, you'll run out of episodes to watch.


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