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Rezwan Hussain

It's been quite a while since my last post. I was busy regarding my studies. However, I did not miss the shows at all. With the introduction of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrowverse has now expanded. This article will solely focus on the road ahead of Arrow.

So far Arrow has been amazing in Season 4 given that Season 3 has seen some ups and downs (though it was okay for me). So far in season 4, we saw Arrow transformed to Green Arrow, comes back to Star City, a dominating villain Damien Darhk, Sara's resurrection as the White Canary, Constantine, Thea's blood-lust, and many more. We also got to know more about Oliver's son William in the crossover episodes. We saw Oliver crying in front of the grave, Flash missing the funeral, everyone thinking it's Felicity, and then another scene in the recent episode shows this:

Yes, there is no wedding ring and Stephen Amell said it was not a mistake which clearly indicates something is going to go wrong but depends whether the writers will carry it for long or not. This scene also confirms that Felicity is not dead. John Diggle? I doubt that too cause then the scene has to be more emotional.

Spoiler Alert!

Given the issue that Oliver and Felicity will face regarding his son, my first understanding about the person in the grave is William. Yes, Felicity will be angry but she will like William as a person especially knowing that he is Oliver's son, and now that he is dead she is ferocious about killing the person who killed him. Oliver is also feeling like an empty vessel, nothing to say for him as he walks into the limo. I mean the man just lost his son whom he just did not get to know.

My next guess is:

Felicity's Mother. That too explains the Felicity's anger. However, that does not explain Oliver's feelings while touching the grave. Nor does Felicity being in the limo and not near her mother but then again that's the 2nd best guess.

So, that's that for the update. Still more than half of the season is remaining and we still have a lot to see. The writers did confirm about a twist regarding the big bad and I am thinking Malcolm Merlyn will have some major play in the later half of the season. Roy Harper returning, Thea is hospital, all these shows that there's more to the show than we can guess. The Flashbacks are also getting interesting. We also have to see how DCs Legends of Tomorrow messes up the timeline and how it affects Arrow and Flash. And as for the Flash, lets see if we find doppelgangers of the Arrow cast, of course not Oliver as Oliver is dead in Earth-2.

Lets hope for the best and lets hope Arrow carries on with the momentum that it started with in Season 4!!!


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