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I have been avidly watching superhero shows such as Gotham, Arrow, Flash, Daredevil and Jessica Jones since the beginning. As much as the protagonists interest me, in some shows the villains make the hero truly super. I wanted to explore which villains add that next level of entertainment that make a show worth watching. Tell me what you agree or disagree with below.

10. Wilson Fisk

Though I love Netflix's Daredevil, Wilson Fisk left me wanting. Perhaps it was his quiet attitude or his ridiculous tantrums, I can’t be sure. He made the list because Daredevil is easily the best superhero show available and Wilson Fisk contributed to that. I love Vincent D'Onofrio and think he did exactly what he was supposed to do, but I anticipated Wilson Fisk to be more calculated, full of conviction and less child-like. I would have preferred if Toby Leonard Moore was the main villain. I wanted Wilson Fisk to be exactly like his right-hand man. Except, you know... fat.

9. Victor Zsasz

Not only is Anthony Carrigan’s character currently excellent in Gotham, I believe he can only get more interesting. Victor is around when Batman starts to kick butt, so he has many, many more years of killing to do. While he spends those years in Gotham he is going to grow and hopefully mature into a big time super villain. I hope he always has the confidence to walk into a police station and politely ask everyone to leave. That scene was amazing. I have loved the TV adaptation of Victor Zsasz so far and I think it is only going to get better.

8. Captain Cold

I have had a soft spot for Wentworth Miller since Prison Break. I love how the character in the Flash has acted with the same moral code as the one from the comics. The writers did a wonderful job with the adaptation and Wentworth Miller added some great work to the character. I look forward to giving Legends of Tomorrow a fair chance, but I’m a bit skeptical of the show as a whole. If the new show works, it will work because of Wentworth Miller.

7. Deathstroke

The costume alone was enough to get him on the list. Deathstroke helped make Arrow one of the best superhero shows on TV. Manu Bennett helped lay the foundation that Team Arrow has been building off of for the last 2 seasons. I have loved Deathstroke since I watched the cartoon version of him beating up the Teen Titans. Deathstroke kicked all kinds of butt and hopefully he will come back to the show soon as a mercenary for hire.

6. Fish Mooney

Speaking of people with one eye, Fish was easily the most interesting character on Gotham in the first season. Jada Pinkett Smith really took this character to the next level. Fish is determined to be on top and in control. And if you doubt that for any reason, watch the episode where she takes out her own eye with a spoon. Kills me.

5. Zoom

Zoom is really giving the Flash a run (ha, get it?) for his money, and giving the audience a very entertaining story in the process. In this season on The Flash, Zoom has shifted how we see supervillains in Central City. Last season we knew the who but not the why, this season we understand the why but not the who. This extra spice of mystery and doubt has been the element of spark that The Flash needed to keep up with Arrow.

4. The Penguin

It's hard not to love the Penguin. His sniveling persona was not much to talk about when Gotham first arrived. Watching his rollercoaster criminal career throughout the show is one of the most entertaining aspects. It is as fun to root for Robin Lord Taylor as it is for David Mazouz. I look forward to seeing how Penguin regains his title as champion. In my fantasy, Penguin is sent to prison. Watching Penguin take over a prison would be awesome.

3. Jerome

It might be shocking to you to see Jerome in the top three. He was only in Gotham for like a minute. I don’t care. I absolutely loved him. Whether he is the Joker or not means nothing to me. His character is entertaining and threw the audience for a loop. His interrogations scene gives me chills. Cameron Monaghan knew how to portray his character to take center stage and terrify everyone in the process. Cameron Monaghan’s whole performance left me in goose bumps.

2. Ward

Ward is so evil but so wonderful. Perhaps his chiseled features have taken over my ability to reason but Ward is a significant reason that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is such a good show. He is everything that we want our villains to be: gorgeous, smart, dangerous, risky, hilarious, and in love with the gorgeous protagonist. Ward is everything I envision I would be if I were a rogue assassin, except I wouldn’t be working for Hydra, obviously.

1. Kilgrave

Jessica Jones had the opposite problem that Daredevil had. I was kind of bored by the protagonist (despite my infatuation with Krysten Ritter) and I was completely in love with David Tennant’s portrayal of Kilgrave. The whole show is basically just watching David Tennant muster up enthusiasm for a world that he controls. He is bored and constantly upping the ante. Without any concept of consequence, he uses everyone as his puppets and makes Jessica Jones the second best superhero TV show available. Netflix knows how to make shows.

I am aware that this list is not totally fair because I have not seen Supergirl or Agent Carter. Also, I tried to come up with more female villains to get on the list but came up short. What female villains did I miss? Are Supergirl and Agent Carter worth watching?


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