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Batman is my favorite superhero.

The DCEU has two very hyped-up movies coming in 2016: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. I think both will be very successful movies and they both will do a wonderful job of kicking off the DCEU. However, I think Suicide Squad will be a better film and here's why. (Brace yourselves!)


This guy!

Here he is again!

Just in case you didn't see him the first two times!

Our new Joker has gotten a mixed reaction from fans. Some people love the new direction and cannot wait to see him on the big screen, while others think this Joker is a slap-in-the-face to the character. Personally, I love Jared Leto as the Joker, and I really like how he looks. From what I've seen in the two trailers that have been released, I think he has a really good Joker voice.

The 2nd Suicide Squad trailer that was released last week gave out a lot of details about the movie. One speculation is that this movie will have Harley Quinn's origin story, so some think that is the reason Joker makes an appearance. Either way you look at it, Joker will be absolutely amazing in this movie.

Villains teaming up = great storyline

First of all, making a movie with two or three villains is a risky movie, but making a movie with NINE villains is absolute insanity. (Yes NINE. N-I-N-E) DC is trying something that Marvel never even thought of, and I think it will really boost their success. Seeing villains come together and actually do something good for the world is something we've never really seen on the big screen.

I also like how this movie will maybe show us the more emotional side of a villain. As I said earlier, we could possibly see the origin story of Harley Quinn. In the 1st trailer, I shows what appears to be Enchantress's origin story. And, it looks like Will Smith, Deadshot, will be a more emotional character. Put all this together and we see that villains kinda have a soft side too.

Well now you see why I think this movie will be awesome. I cannot wait until August. I guess to pass the time, I'll just continue watching the trailer three times a day (don't we all?)


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